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Yoga for Grief Relief with Erin Alexander

Grief and loss are difficult and important passages that we will all face as human beings on this Earth. When handled with care, grief has the power to shape and transform us, if we allow it to. But in a culture that promotes fast-paced living, consuming, and non-stop movement, where can we go to allow this tender process to unfold? Where is it safe to fully be with what is?

Whether you’re suffering from the loss of a loved one, a marriage, a job or your health, this workshop will give you the safe space to gently attend to and process the grief that is keeping you from feeling fully present and alive.

Join Erin Alexander, therapeutic yoga instructor and the Canyon Spirit community for this morning of healing, connection and renewal at the height of the Summer Solstice.

To register: contact Erin at

Cost $40 pre registration, $45 at the door

Erin Alexander comes to Canyon Spirit from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she has taught yoga for over 10 years. Erin has done extensive training with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy, has worked privately with clients from all walks of life, and is a former studio owner. She is a mother of two and a forever student. She feels blessed and honored to have found Canyon Spirit.