In a private yoga session, we work together to design a practice just for you. We discuss where you are in life, what challenges you face, and how you wish to change or deepen. We discuss the next best steps for you by considering how to go at your own pace.  Using yoga, meditation, and deep breathing you can improve your sleep, reduce back pain and soothe arthritis, handle stress better and befriend your emotions.

To set up your first complimentary private class, please contact us at (530) 210-0100 or email at

What is worth more than good health and flexible body? For me these are priorities. To me, it’s the most important investment anyone can truly make. Truly intuitive and patient, Susan is a gifted and natural teacher. She carefully thinks through a student’s needs and develops a class course around them.
— Joanne
It is a real pleasure to be with Susan in an individual session. Her warm, insightful and caring support is directed to whatever I am interested in working upon. I find this to be a priceless spiritual experience and an opportunity to grow in unanticipated ways.

— Rick