Canyon Spirit Yoga Center opened in 1999.

When I wanted to name the yoga studio, I thought of all the things that make Auburn special: The gold in the hills, the people, the history, the beauty, and the stunning view of the canyon. I saw an image of mist rising after a rain where the clouds drift up and over the trees, and that’s where the name Canyon Spirit came from. It’s been my privilege to have a yoga center here in Auburn, and to provide a place where yoga enthusiasts can attend weekly classes. Canyon Spirit Yoga Center is a space where people can replenish their energy, heal their bodies, and find a quiet respite from the pace of day-to-day life. 

After class I feel...

Serene, calm, peaceful
Welcomed, relaxed, healthful
Mentally and physically at peace
Centered, calmer, peaceful, energized
Relaxed yet energized
Awake, present
Awake, vibrant, tranquil
Deliciously grounded”
Glistening awareness
— Words from our students