Awareness Through Movement: A Feldenkrais Class

For everyone. In the Awareness Through Movement class, the Feldenkrais teacher verbally leads students through an exploration of developmental movement patterns. Moving slowly and with attention to your sense of ease, you learn to reduce the effort and discover more efficiency and fluidity in your movements.

Beginners Yoga

For new and continuing students. A good introductory class for a strong yoga foundation. Learn the postures, relaxation, and how to move with the breath. Advance at your pace.

Embody Dance

For everyone. Move in the sensations of stability, mobility, agility, flexibility, and balance in a guided and playful way. Based on Nia dance.

Essential Flow

A strong class for experienced students: balances, flows, holding postures, pranayama. Supports inner and outer strength and awakens energy and compassion.

Gentle Yoga

For those wanting to regain strength and flexibility. This class is recommended for people recovering from illness or who want a gentle, healing practice. Includes different types of energy practices.

Old Guys Rock Yoga

Yoga for men over 50. Find fellowship in practice through classical yoga and develop strength, flexibility and balance. Have fun and connect with your own deep wisdom.

Yoga accessible to everyone using a chair for stability. Suitable for all ages. If you are not confident about getting down on the floor this is an excellent way to start or continue yoga.

Yoga Forever Chair Yoga


Open to everyone. A gentle and powerful class that places your attention on the subtle directional (energetic) movements that nurture and engender life; without a goal, without attachment to outcomes, and without judgement(s).

Mountain Stream Meditation

The Mountain Stream meditation group practices Insight or Vipassana meditation which is a simple form of Buddhist meditation that helps to calm and concentrate the mind. The sessions include 40 minutes of meditation followed by a talk or a discussion. All are welcome.

Recharge Yoga

For beginners and continuing students. A great way to start or end the week by emphasizing strength, flexibility, and concentration. An elegant way to connect to yourself and to others.

Restorative Yoga

For everyone. A quiet, deep practice using props and focusing on breathing techniques. A great balance to an active life or an active practice.

Soul Journey Yoga

A blend of hatha yoga, drumming, shamanic journeying, and conversation. An accessible and creative way to synthesize two empowering, ancient arts.

Yin & Restorative Yoga

For everyone. Yin yoga is about long-held poses that give the hips a deep stretch. We combine this with restful, restorative poses for a truly regenerative practice.