We welcome you to Canyon Spirit Yoga Center

Canyon Spirit is unique in Auburn and has been helping people to awaken their own bright spirits for many years. You can look forward to becoming stronger, more relaxed, more flexible, more peaceful, and an important part of a welcoming community. We lead from the heart and want you to have a positive experience. 

We believe that yoga is for everyone and deeply respect all abilities, all bodies, and all ages. Our professional, certified teachers are skilled at helping you make yoga practice fit your body and are excited to show you how yoga can improve your life. Yoga reduces stress and anxiety, improves circulation, creates strength and flexibility, and rekindles the joy of movement.

We practice a mindful yoga that will help you to stay injury-free. Canyon Spirit Yoga will keep you flexible so that you are available for other exercises and we find that it's especially good for athletes.

We know that starting something new can be challenging, so if you're new to yoga, begin here

We feel like a community of people with only good intentions toward one another, supportive and accepting of flaws. Class raise us up to our best selves. We leave ready to take kindness out into the world and see the light of goodness in others. To me, this is true spirituality.
— Jane Dunnington